Uniroyal Global Engineered Products, Inc. (Stock Symbol UNIR) is a global provider of vinyl coated fabrics products that have various high performance characteristics and capabilities and are manufactured by our subsidiaries Uniroyal Engineered Products, LLC and Uniroyal Global Limited. Our coated fabrics products are durable, stain resistant, easily processed, cost-effective and better performing than traditional leather or fabric coverings. Our products are frequently used in applications that require rigorous performance characteristics such as automotive and non-automotive transportation, certain indoor/outdoor furniture, commercial and hospitality seating, healthcare facilities and athletic equipment. In the automotive industry our products are used primarily in seating, door panels, head and arm rests, security shades and trim components, including instrument panels, door casings, seating, gear lever and steering column gaiters, headliners and load space covers. Non-automotive applications include outdoor seating for utility and sports vehicles. Our primary brands names include Naugahyde®, BeautyGard®, Flameblocker™, Spirit Millennium®, Ambla®.

We are the successor to a long line of businesses that have manufactured vinyl coated fabrics. Our best known brand, Naugahyde, is the product of many improvements on a rubber-coated fabrics developed a century ago in Naugatuck, Connecticut. We design, manufacture and market a wide selection of vinyl coated fabric products under a portfolio of recognized brand names. We believe that our business has continued to be a leading supplier in its marketplace because of our ability to provide specialized materials with performance characteristics customized to the end-user specifications, complemented by technical and customer support for the use of our products in manufacturing.